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Rise of the inheritance economy

Jan 25, 2021

An ageing Baby Boomer generation is expected to pass on a staggering £5.5 trillion1 to younger generations over the next 30 years in what has been called ‘the great wealth transfer.’ Have you considered how you would like your heirs to benefit from your legacy, or whether you could afford to gift some wealth during your lifetime?

Your mortgage matters – don’t put your head in the sand

Feb 01, 2021

Recent estimates suggest that as many as one million borrowers have lapsed or will lapse onto their lender’s expensive default mortgage rate this year. It makes sound financial sense to make sure you are on the most competitive deal for your circumstances.

Retirement focus – more important now than ever (whatever your age)

Feb 08, 2021

Have your retirement plans been derailed in the past few months?

Borrowed more in lockdown? Protect your business

Feb 15, 2021

Even before millions of businesses took a financial hit due to coronavirus, over half of UK companies had some form of debt, owing an average of £176,000 each. Despite this, just 20% had an insurance policy in place to protect them if they were unable to pay their debts6 .

Staying financially fit in the new norm

Feb 22, 2021

Many of us have seen challenging and unexpected changes to our circumstances over the last few months and it’s possible that your financial plans no longer match your lifestyle and needs. Here are some points to remember to help keep you financially fit.


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