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“Growth” is a word you hear a lot in Ginkgo HQ. We’re a growing team, working hard to grow the wealth and security of our clients and their families. But, as we grow, it’s important to us that our business makes a positive impact on the people and places around us. Grow with Ginkgo is our way of giving back by nurturing our local environment for the benefit of everyone. We’re championing a series of local initiatives to do just that:

‘Greening the grey’

We love our office. But we don’t love the grey concrete that surrounds it. It’s bad for wildlife, bad for surface water drainage, and makes the area look unloved, which encourages anti-social behaviour.

So we’ve planted a ‘green border’ around our office full of grasses and meadow flowers. We’ve clothed the office wheelie bins in flowers with a green-roof bin store. And we’ve planted scented climbers along the fence that leads to the busy A102.

Along with attracting beneficial insects and other wildlife, we hope our efforts will absorb pollution, aid with surface water run-off and make passers-by smile.

Royal Greenwich Environment Champions

We’ve signed up for Royal Greenwich’s voluntary scheme aimed at inspiring people to take a pride in their environment. Armed with a litter picker and a high-vis jacket, we’ll be picking up rubbish around the office and recycling what we can. If you see us, please say hello!

Driving out anti-social behaviour

The broken window theory assumes that if damage and disrepair are left unfixed, crime increases in that area: people think no-one cares so they can do whatever they like. We want to fix those broken windows! Along with beautifying our streets and clearing litter, we’re active members of our local neighbourhood watch group and have used our office CCTV to help neighbours and the police with evidence of break-ins and car theft.

Community initiatives

Grow with Ginkgo isn’t just about our immediate environment. We’d like to do our bit further afield in Blackheath Standard. So if you’ve seen an unloved street planter or you know of a community gardening scheme that would appreciate some help, we’d love to know about it. Drop us a line at  

Happy growing…

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